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The House of Rajani

A historical novel which takes place in 1895 Jaffa. It records the diaries of Salah Rajani, a 12-year old Moslem child cursed with prophetical powers, who foresees the rising of the Jewish state; and that of a 27 year old Jewish settler, new to the city. The two negotiate love, honour and betrayal in the changing world of nineteenth-century Palestine.

"An outstanding book" - Israeli President Shimon Peres


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Death of a Monk

A historical novel which offers a retelling of Damascus Affair, a blood libel against the Jewish community of Damascus which took place in 1840. The book offers an original theory for the disappearance of the Italian monk Tomaso, which led to false accusations against the Jews.

"Excellent Debut" (Haaretz Newpapaer)

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Essay: A Story of a Shahid Dog

A post-colonialist reading of Only Yesterday by S.Y. Agnon. First published in Ho! literary magazine in September 2006 (available in Hebrew).


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